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Business Advisory Services & Strategic Financial Consulting Firm

We provide the tactical business advisory services businesses need to ensure current—and future—success.

Corporate Governance Services

Rally Partners helps ensure that your internal practices and processes are always aligned with your company culture while aiming toward your company goals. Our corporate governance consultants analyze the effectiveness of your leadership and business strategy, with extensive experience evaluating boards, overseeing director searches, and reviewing executive compensation packages.

Our team of experts offer strategic, effective corporate governance services, exploring the broad impact of your company activities and tracing the effects your decisions have on your business as a whole. We optimize the governance of your organization to affect positive change across the board.


Executive Restructuring

We understand the employer, investor, and board perspectives, and we use that knowledge to gain an executive view of your business. Company leadership can have the biggest impact on business success—and Rally Partners ensures it’s a positive one.

Whether we’re restructuring your existing team or coordinating an executive search, we recommend the best options for your organization to position you for future success. We help find right-fit candidates based on your goals, industry, and culture to ensure your executive team is built to flourish.


Strategic Financial Consulting & Acceleration Services 

Rally Partners develops advanced strategies to accelerate—and accommodate—growing businesses. No matter what success looks like for your organization, Rally Partners will help you secure the means you need to achieve your short-term and long-term goals through strategic financial consulting.

Rally Partners brings an expert-led platform to help assess the current and projected value of your organization, finding ways to support ongoing growth and promote future advancement by raising capital strategically and sustainably. We utilize our extensive network of investors, strategic partners, and financing specialists to create custom acceleration strategies.


M&A Consulting and Exit Strategies

We consider every aspect and asset of a business in our M&A and exit strategies, positioning you to achieve ideal outcomes in the face of a merger, acquisition, or sale. Rally Partners views every stage of your business lifecycle through a global lens, ensuring that you achieve your organizational goals from beginning to end.

We provide access to a broad range of business advisory professionals that will set you up for success—including those that value your company and those that maximize company value. Our network of experts includes M&A advisors, exit planning consultants, venture capitalists, investors, and more.


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