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Our Leadership Team

After more than three decades of working in the employee benefits space, Mark Leeds knew firsthand that the system was broken.

He’d seen the industry from all sides—as an executive focused on benefits technology, as a sales lead and manager for insurance companies, and as an insurance broker himself—and he knew that one thing was clear: The benefits industry is incredibly complex, and there is a serious lack of transparency around the way brokers and consultants are paid.

Prior to founding Rally Partners, Mark and a fellow employee benefits consultant worked on a study analyzing the compensation brokers earned based on the number of hours they dedicated to an individual client. The results were, in a word, “astounding.”

On average, insurance brokers were earning $800 to $1,000 per hour—and most of the companies surveyed had no idea.

That’s when Mark and his long-time friend and colleague, Mino Capossela, decided to take on the issues in the employee benefits space firsthand by founding Rally Partners.

Rally Partners is an HR, HCM technology, and employee benefits consultants group designed to disrupt a broken industry model. We work differently than traditional benefits brokers by leveraging the commissions paid by insurance companies to further support our clients’ goals.

Rally Partners is dedicated to providing full transparency around compensation and consistent, personalized support solutions as your human capital management partner and value-added broker. Our team of employee benefits experts believe that employee benefits is more than a simple transaction—it’s about finding the best custom solutions for every team, from insurance plans and HR technologies to value-added wellbeing programs and business advisory services.

Looking for a better benefits consultant? Get in touch with our team of employee benefits experts today.

Meet the Team

  • Mark Leeds, Co-Founder & CEO : Rally Partners


    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Mino Capossela, Co-Founder & Chairman : Rally Partners


    Co-Founder & Chairman
  • Liz Sanford


    Director of Account Management

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