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How Rally Partners Transformed HR in 2019

When we started Rally Partners in late 2018, our belief was that small to mid-sized companies faced an abundance of HR challenges, but often didn’t have the resources—people or financial—to dedicate to addressing them.

2019 was a year that we demonstrated how we could help identify and fix problems in HR without a huge investment.

hypothesisRally’s approach of reinvesting in our clients by providing HR support services as part of our standard fee structure differentiated us from our competition.

Even when clients weren’t in a position to name us as broker of record, we were still able to help them navigate the many facets of human resources through projects ranging from HCM technology to benefits to compliance.


Rally Partners contributed to clients’ successes in many ways over the last year as a valued business partner.

platforms-rally-partners copy-2


Reconfigured and optimized existing HCM technology platforms to work more efficiently.

Enroll in less than 90 seconds


Built an online benefits enrollment tool in one client’s HCM technology platform allowing employees to enroll in less than 90 seconds.

Benefit Programs to Help Clients


Improved benefits programs to help clients better meet the needs of employees.

Negotiate best vendor terms


Conducted full HCM technology RFPs to negotiate best vendor terms for clients.

custom platforms


Customized a voluntary benefits program for clients’ member partners to shop for offerings not available on an individual basis.



Helped screen, recruit, hire, and train on-site HR team members for clients.



Helped screen, recruit, hire, and train on-site HR team members for clients.

Avoid Fines


Helped clients become ACA compliant and avoid major fines.

HR Policies & Procedures


Guided the development of HR policies, procedures, and benefit programs.


Here are three important HR trends we’re already seeing:


  1. The adoption—and optimization—of HCM technology will continue to grow among SMBs. Companies of all sizes are relying more heavily on analytics when it comes to HR. There is an increasing realization that data drives decisions, and more SMBs are utilizing HCM technology to provide better reporting and effective HR automation. 

  2. Compliance is getting increasingly complex—and HR is struggling to stay on top of the many rules and regulations they need to comply with. There is no question that compliance is a priority for organizations of any size. Today, ever-evolving employment laws and regulations are increasingly difficult to navigate. We see more businesses seeking out HR compliance support from the experts. 

  3. Businesses will rely more on HCM technology to support the talent lifecycle. HR is utilizing HCM solutions to streamline the way they attract, onboard, engage and manage employees. HR technology allows companies to better manage applicants, provide formal onboarding, track employee time, and so much more—and businesses are increasingly utilizing their platforms to maximize efficiency.

We want to thank all of our clients, friends, and colleagues for contributing to our success in 2019. Rally Partners was founded on the belief that businesses deserve more from their benefits advisors—and we’re happy to report that we’ve been able to give our clients everything they deserve and more.

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