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5 Questions Your Broker Should Ask Before Open Enrollment 2021

June, 03 2020

Believe it or not, for the many companies with benefit plans starting on January 1, the 2020 Open Enrollment period is right around the corner. Open enrollment may focus on health insurance for employ[...]


Your Employee Handbook: Staying Compliant in a Crisis & Beyond

May, 07 2020

You’ve spent countless hours—and dollars—crafting the perfect employee handbook. All federal, state, and local requirements are covered and up to date. You’ve gone through legal review and are feeling[...]


Leveraging HCM Technology During Turbulent Times

March, 26 2020

As we navigate and adjust to new ways of doing business through this unprecedented time in our history, employers and employees alike are relying more heavily than ever on technology. Do you have the [...]


How Rally Partners Transformed HR in 2019

March, 18 2020

When we started Rally Partners in late 2018, our belief was that small to mid-sized companies faced an abundance of HR challenges, but often didn’t have the resources—people or financial—to dedicate t[...]


HR is Not a Cost Center

May, 08 2019

All too often, Human Resources doesn’t get the attention (or budget) it deserves because most people view HR as an expense—albeit a necessary one. So, why is HR perceived as a cost center instead of a[...]


4 Key Factors When Planning an HCM Technology Strategy

April, 02 2019

Many employers have a love/hate relationship with Human Capital Management (HCM) technology. It can be a powerful tool for your business, but the whole process around choosing, implementing, and maint[...]


You Deserve More from Your Benefits Advisor

March, 06 2019

Recently, NPR and ProPublica published an article about the lack of transparency among brokers who advise employers about employee benefits. It echoed many of the experiences I have had over the past [...]