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Leveraging HCM Technology During Turbulent Times

As we navigate and adjust to new ways of doing business through this unprecedented time in our history, employers and employees alike are relying more heavily than ever on technology. Do you have the tools you need to continue to run your business and manage your workforce?

While we are in turbulent times and employees are distributed, your Human Capital Management (HCM) technology is an invaluable resource and it is why Rally Partners always recommends a system that allows for more than just processing payroll. Obviously, getting your employees paid is key, but there is so much more that your platform can do for your organization.

The Benefits of the 4 C’s

HCM technology can add value for your team in many areas—particularly in those that we describe as the 4 Cs: Continuity, Communication, Compliance, and Community.


While many facets of your operations may not feel like “business as usual,” your HR technology can enable you to maintain some consistency. With web-based and mobile access to your HCM system, employers and employees alike can still access much of the functionality of the platform. From monitoring and managing time and attendance (even for remote workers) to running payroll, employers can ensure continuity and a sense of financial security for those employees who are still working.

While some employers are laying off workers, other organizations are actually hiring. From job postings to new hire paperwork to COBRA notifications, your HR technology can help you seamlessly manage both onboarding and offboarding.


Do you already leverage the communications capabilities of your HR technology? Did you know you could? Whether you want to blast out a message to your entire workforce or segment by status/department, it can be a great way to stay in touch with your distributed employees.

In stressful times like these when information is constantly changing, communication is critical. You may want to add a scrolling ticker update that is the first thing your team sees when they log in or create a centralized resource page with all the latest news and links to important information such as how to file for unemployment or paid leave.

Amid a health crisis like COVID-19, providing easy access to critical information on employee benefits and forms is crucial. Any communication helps provide reassurance and can help alleviate even just a little bit of angst and uncertainty. In fact, this is the time to over-communicate.


A wealth of new federal, state, and local information is being shared by the minute. In many ways, HR professionals are on the frontlines and need virtual access to employee records and company reporting to provide the support your workforce needs.

From collecting historical pay data for sick leave and unemployment claims to managing the new virtual I-9 verification process, technology is the key to maintaining and expediting the required documentation.


It may feel difficult to maintain a sense of community when you don’t see your employees around the office every day, but remote work was a growing trend even before this current crisis.

There are countless valuable resources focusing on employee engagement and creating community for your remote workforce. Many of them may be built into your HCM technology solution.

From bulletin boards and automated messaging to online learning and professional development, show your employees that you care and are invested in them. If you have furloughed employees who you will bring back to work as soon as possible, support them in still feeling like a part of the organization. We’ve seen companies who are hosting daily challenges, virtual happy hours, and other opportunities for fostering connection.

Find ways to check in with your employees. Make sure they are okay. Do they have everything they need? Ask how you can support them. (Hint: You have access to their contact info in your HCM system!)

What Can Your HR Technology Do for You?

In times like these, how does your current HCM technology stack up? Take our complimentary HCM technology assessment to find out.

Rally Partners would love to show you how to make the most of the tools you have to manage your business and support your employees—or help you find a solution that will.

We are all in this together and creating a sense of partnership and community will help make this new world of social distancing feel a lot less isolating.

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